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I Lost My Heart
My love has gone, my yearning passed.
I lost my way, I lost my heart.
I didn’t care to guard it well,
Now it is to be found nowhere.
Just now I thought I had it here,
But only emptiness remains.
It didn’t shatter, didn’t break,
Just disappeared and left no trace.
Oh, tell me why I couldn’t be
The one that lasted evermore.
Oh, tell me, couldn’t I be good
Take better care of what is dear?
But love, alas, I lost my heart
Forgive me that I didn’t see
How swiftly it escaped my grasp
And left this place forevermore.
I lost my way, I can’t go on,
There’s nothing left worth fighting for.
I lost my heart, and I’m afraid
Without my heart I cannot love.
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Another journal of general ramblings
So we had a presentation at school a couple days back, and, honestly, I haven't been able to get it out of my head.
Not because it was good,
oh no.
Because it was utterly awful.
This ex-principal shows up, and, in summary, tells us that almost none of will ever be great.
That's exactly what I got from this one hour stolen from my life.
People will tell you that you should give up on such dreams as becoming president, becoming and author, being famous, because it doesn't happen to many.
But do you know who it DOES happen to?
People who DON'T give up. Now, all of you reading, don't you ever despair. You're all great. People can go their whole lives thinking their no good because people like this man come around and convince them to give up, because hell, if you can't cure cancer right then and now, if you just stay in school like any old loser, you'll never amount to anything interesting, right?
No, wrong.
You, all of you, shoot past the stars.
It's a cliche
but if you keep hoping, and a
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United Kingdom
Avatar drawn by the amazing AlwxIV

Hiii people. The name's Conor, I'm from ENGLAND and I do music kinda sorta.. Happy to talk to anyone!

Currently I'm working on The Oak That Falls: A FireRed Nuzlocke with AlwxIV. We're both working on the plot together. She is doing all the art and the comics though, while I do any music for it :)
Victory Road and hopefully the Elite Four too!
  • Listening to: Okami OST
  • Watching: Avatar: The Last Airbender


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